About us

Master Asset Management is a global provider of physical asset
management solutions for High Net Worth Individuals and family offices.
With its origins and decades of experience in managing some the world’s largest yachts, Master Asset Management also specialises in the fields of aviation, collections of art, cars, wine and jewellery, equestrian activities and estates, providing for the safe and secure utilization, management and enjoyment of luxury physical assets.
Professional asset management increases safety and security, enhances asset enjoyment, preserves asset value, and simplifies the process of ownership.
With its attention to detail and proven track-record in understanding, managing and caring for high-value physical assets, Master Asset Management is genuinely unique and hence trusted in this sphere.
Health and family are arguably the greatest assets of all; the team also has the ability to help with security and safety, medical professionals, emergency medical evacuation and medicine provision.


Master Asset Management does not rely solely on its team of trusted and experienced professionals, but is powered and backed-up by MYConnect®, its in-house software, designed specifically and exclusively to manage assets, using secure safeguards and controls.
MYConnect® guarantees the ability to not only protect and manage client assets in a confidential manner, but also gives clients the means to monitor their own assets in real-time, at any time.
There is no system anywhere in the world like MYConnect® and there is no physical asset management company like Master Asset Management.